Christmas Hamper Relieves Stress for Low-Income Mother

Tara receives toys from Leigh Rowney, Salvation Army Community and Family Services worker

For individuals and families with few resources, putting food on the table and experiencing the joy of gift giving at Christmas can be stressful. Thanks to your generosity, The Salvation Army is able to make Christmas a little easier for people such as Tara.

“I was overcome with emotion when I received toys for my children, a hamper of food items and a voucher to buy a turkey,” says Tara. “Knowing that people cared so much was overwhelming.”

For many years, Tara had a successful career counselling people experiencing debt problems. She lived a comfortable life and gave back to her community during the Christmas season. But last year was different and she turned to The Salvation Army for Christmas assistance.

“At Christmastime my fiancé and I broke up,”says Tara. “I was suddenly alone with a newborn and nine-year-old to support. It was hard.”

Tara wasn’t working, had no income and contacted a community agency for financial assistance. They suggested she contact The Salvation Army in Oshawa, Ont., for Christmas help.

“It’s not easy to call for help,” says Tara. “But when I registered for my hamper the staff made me feel comfortable, not ashamed and warm inside.”

This year Tara is still unable to work and is receiving a hamper.

“I don’t want my children to know I am low financially,” says Tara. “I don’t want them to stress about mom not having enough money for Christmas. They are still kids and I want them to be kids.

“The Salvation Army’s help means my children can have a normal Christmas―one with a turkey and all the fixings―one with toys under the tree. When people donate to others like me, it’s huge. I am truly grateful. ”