Christmas Feast is One Less Meal to Worry About

Christmas meal
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Mark is one of thousands to enjoy a festive meal at The Salvation Army this Christmas. “It’s one less meal I have to worry about for my children,” says Mark, who is looking for a new place to live due to problems with his landlord. “Unfortunately, my future looks bleak.”

Throughout the Christmas season, many Salvation Army centres across Canada provide annual holiday meals―classic turkey dinners―for people who don’t have what many of us do.

In early December, 100 volunteers at The Salvation Army’s Booth Centre in Winnipeg dished turkey, stuffing, vegetables and dessert to close to 1,000 people who packed into the centre.

“We’re trying to share some of the joy of Christmas,” says Major Rob Kerr. “People come in, have a good time, and eat a nice meal. It’s a very festive atmosphere.

On Saturday, December 9, In Kingston, Ont., volunteers started prepping at 5 a.m. to host 500 people. “We want to provide a hot meal but also a safe place for people to come,” says Lieut. Josh Howard.

Salvation Army Christmas dinners are only made possible by generous donors, local grocers and restaurants.
“The event was very touching,” says Mark. “I was happy to have my family there.”

To contact your local Salvation Army about how you can make a difference this Christmas season, and throughout the year, click here.