Christmas, Commercialism and Black Friday

by Salvation Army
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The U.S. Black Friday shopping frenzy on November 26 marks the beginning of Christmas sales and will see more than 60 million people swarming stores for Christmas bargains. In 2009 the overall Black Friday revenue was $2.7 billion.

While shoving, pushing and yelling are not uncommon as shoppers seek out the best deals going, there are hundreds of thousands of people at home just grateful they made it through another year.

Last year, record numbers of people were helped by The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda with basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing. They line up, not for special offers with low prices, but in hopes of obtaining some type of nourishment or a safe, warm, place to sleep.

For too many Canadians, human dignity is out reach because of poverty. Something to think about while shopping this Christmas!