Child Poverty Rates in Canada Remain High

Child Poverty Rates Remain High
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One in seven Canadian children lives in a low-income household.

Children are often the innocent victims of poverty. When Tanya’s marriage broke down, she was left with responsibilities she now had to bear on her own.

“As a single parent, I was pulled in every direction,” says Tanya. “I never seemed to have enough time, energy, patience or money. I often felt things were spinning out of control. Then I met The Salvation Army whose help with food, pull-ups and school snacks eased my financial pressures.”

A 2012 Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Canada says children can’t afford to wait anymore. Public policies have to intervene to support their healthy growth and development now.

The Salvation Army recognizes that poverty is a critical issue. In 2013, across Canada, The Salvation Army provided close to 105,000 meals to children through its school feeding programs.

As more families and children encounter hardships, The Salvation Army will provide assistance and support in any way it can.