Celebrating New Life

by SalvationArmy.ca
Categories: Blog

There are many things that remind us of Easter—flowers, chocolate, baskets and new life.

Every year, The Salvation Army in Canada gives 1.8 million people the opportunity for new life and positive change. It desires that every individual who comes for help knows they are deeply valued and that tomorrow can be different.

In 400 communities across Canada Salvation Army services such as skills training, addictions treatment and warm, welcoming shelters are creating positive change in individuals who have lost hope.

In Montreal, at-risk teens are learning workplace skills. In Winnipeg, adult males dealing with mental health issues are making plans for future success in community living. In Dunneville, Ont., Nikki, a recovering addict, is enrolled in college to become a social worker.

The Salvation Army is dedicated to providing the assistance needed to help individuals and families get back on their feet.