Celebrate Earth Day by Donating to a Salvation Army Thrift Store

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Earth Day, April 22, is an annual event created to raise public awareness about the negative impacts of pollution and make the protection of the planet a priority.

The Salvation Army believes that the earth is divinely created and that we are called to be stewards of its care. Many of our programs that assist vulnerable Canadians also have an environmental focus. For example, last year, over 80 million pounds of clothing, textiles and household items were diverted from local landfills through generous donations to our thrift stores.

“The Salvation Army in Canada has recycled through our thrift stores for over 111 years, showing care for our neighbours in need and the environment we all share,” says Ted Troughton, Managing Director for Salvation Army thrift stores. “By shopping and donating to us, communities help us to be conscious stewards of the earth.”

Recycling goes beyond our thrift stores. At The Salvation Army’s Paparella Innovative Arts Centre in Hamilton, Ont., individuals with developmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder and Down syndrome are repurposing items donated to thrift stores into beautiful pieces of art.

Repurposed thrift store items

Repurposed thrift store items

“Donating items to a Salvation Army thrift store is a great benefit to our program,” says Kamila Miszelska, Program Instructor. “The public’s generosity allows us to repurpose items into art and everyday articles. Beads, canvas and jewellery become purses. Broken dishes turn into mosaic art. Old frames are transformed into rustic picture frames and torn sweaters become textile art.

“Creativity provides participants structure to their day and improves their social skills,” continues Kamila. “Articles are sold in markets and galleries, which gives  participants a real sense of purpose.”

On Earth Day, we invite you to join with us, and organizations around the world, in being conscious stewards of the planet we call home. Your donations to Salvation Army thrift stores are making a difference.

For more information, please visit thriftstore.ca. Your donations make a difference.