Following the horrific armed attack on the Westgate shopping centre in central Nairobi, Kenya, on Saturday, September 21, The Salvation Army has been supporting security personnel and blood donors. At least 69 people are known to have been killed in the incident, with a further 200 injured – some seriously. As the severity of the  […]

Salvation Army Provides Support to Survivors of Ottawa Train-Bus Collision

Posted on 18th September 2013, by
A double-decker bus and a passenger train collided in Ottawa Wednesday morning, killing six people, and injuring more than 30 others. The Salvation Army was called into service by Ottawa Fire. Three mobile canteens, and Salvation Army Chaplains are on the scene at a community centre in Nepean providing support to uninjured passengers and families  […]

Salvation Army Supports Survivors and First Responders of Colorado Flooding

Posted on 17th September 2013, by
Denver, CO- A week of torrential downpours in the eastern Rocky Mountains has left a rising death toll, people still awaiting evacuation, and  thousands of damaged and destroyed homes. Salvation Army emergency disaster services personnel have provided more than 20,000 meals and nutritional items and 85,560 drinks to first responders, law enforcement, and evacuees. In the  […]

Salvation Army Releases 2012/2013 Annual Review

Posted on 16th September 2013, by
As the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in Canada, The Salvation Army is driven by our desire to extend compassion and generosity to anyone who needs it. In our 2012-2013 Annual Review, you will find stories that reflect the extent of our impact on communities and families. Stories such as Tanya, a single  […]

A Promising Tomorrow

Posted on 9th September 2013, by
Nineteen-year-old Alex has endured heartache and trauma that many wouldn’t experience in a life time. Trust has been a hard and slow process. Volunteering at The Salvation Army’s school lunch program in Newmarket, Ont., has not only helped Alex overcome trust issues, it has protected his mental well-being and helped him put into practice important  […]

Love and Acceptance for All

Posted on 3rd September 2013, by
“When I began my journey 32 years ago of raising a child with Down syndrome there were questions and stares, anxiety and fear,” says Marietta. “My daughter, Mary Jane, blossomed under those who loved her, and deteriorated under those who tolerated her. “Her support varied from location to location. It usually involved therapists and special educators  […]

Sending Kids to School with Dignity

Posted on 28th August 2013, by
Every year clients ask The Salvation Army if they can provide backpacks and basic supplies to help their child start the school year. For many children, this is the first time they walk into that classroom with brand new items, and a sense of pride and confidence for the year ahead. For the sixth consecutive  […]

Thrift Stores Send 332 Kids to Camp

Posted on 26th August 2013, by
Every year, Salvation Army thrift stores work with communities across Canada to provide children in need the opportunity to attend camp, create positive moments, exceptional memories and special friendships. In 2013, the Send a Kid to Camp campaign raised $73,573, sending 332 kids to camp. The Salvation Army is truly grateful to its store guests  […]

Interview With Salvation Army’s New International Leader

Posted on 14th August 2013, by
On August 3, 2013, The Salvation Army announced its new world leader, General André Cox. In this interview with, General Cox discusses a variety of pressing issues, such as worldwide poverty, human trafficking, and embracing different cultures. Tell us about your early years. How did they shape you as a person? I was born  […]

What You Should Know About Salvation Army Thrift Stores

Posted on 12th August 2013, by
With more than 200 nationally and locally operated thrift stores from coast to coast, The Salvation Army operates one of Canada’s largest national clothing recycling operations. Do you have a question about Salvation Army Thrift Stores? Take a look at these responses to some frequently ask questions to find the answer you need! 1. Where  […]