Volunteering Keeps Mental Health in Check

Posted on 5th June 2018, by
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“I spend a lot of time stacking shelves at the food bank,” says Eileen. “I know that my work helps others but it also benefits me.” Eileen had worked as a social worker for 35 years when she was diagnosed with cancer. “When I was ill I had too much time to sit and think,  […]

Canadian Elected as the 21st General of The Salvation Army

Posted on 24th May 2018, by
Commissioners Brian and Rosalie Peddle
Following an election process involving Salvation Army senior leaders from across the world, Commissioner Brian Peddle was chosen to take the office of the General on August 3, 2018, following the retirement of General André Cox, who has held the post since August 2013. General-Elect Peddle will serve as the international leader of The Salvation  […]

Salvation Army Program Provides Peace of Mind to Winnipeg Mother

Posted on 24th May 2018, by
Lauren (left) sits with mother Arlene (right)
When Arlene gave birth to her daughter, Lauren, in May 1986, she knew something wasn’t quite right. After a series of tests, Lauren was diagnosed with having partial trisomy 13, a chromosome disorder that causes severe intellectual disability and many physical abnormalities. “We went to her pediatrician who said the best thing you can do  […]

Salvation Army Helps Single Mother Cope with Bipolar Disorder

Posted on 11th May 2018, by
Harriet at Salvation Army
“I want people to know that they’re not powerless when it comes to bipolar disorder,” says Harriet, 53. “I have a strong support system that includes The Salvation Army. But I wasn’t always healthy and happy.” Sixteen years ago Harriet came to The Salvation Army’s Parent Child Resource Centre in Kitchener, Ont. “I was a  […]

Be Emergency Ready. Are you Prepared?

Posted on 7th May 2018, by
Salvation Army EDS worker at the scene of a fire
“Emergencies and disasters are becoming all too common for many people throughout North America,” says Matthew Reid, The Salvation Army’s emergency disaster coordinator in Newfoundland and Labrador. “What is your emergency plan for you and your family? How will you cope and survive during an emergency? Emergency Preparedness Week, May 6-12, is an annual event  […]

Free from Fear

Posted on 3rd May 2018, by
Michelle stands with Salvation Army worker, Ann, in front of Salvation Army church
When Michelle fled an abusive relationship, she was pregnant with her daughter and hid in a women’s safe house for six months with her toddler son. When she moved into an apartment, she couldn’t afford food and reached out to The Salvation Army for help. “I was beaten down and looking for a place to  […]

Salvation Army Responds to Fredericton Floods

Posted on 3rd May 2018, by
Volunteer prepares meals to serve to flood victims
While widespread flooding continues to create concern in Fredericton, N.B., The Salvation Army is providing food, shelter and clothing for residents. “This is one of the worst floods New Brunswick has seen in recent history,” says Larry Moss, emergency disaster coordinator for The Salvation Army. Five days after the St. John River swelled over its  […]