Community Takes Care of its Own

Posted on 5th August 2010, by Salvation Army
When vandals hit the Salvation Army High River’s only delivery vehicle last month, staff and volunteers decided it was the last straw for the van. The organization couldn’t afford to repair the windshield and correct the significant mechanical problems on the 200,000-plus kilometer cube van. After the incident was noted in the local paper, businesses  […]
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Summer Camp Stories

Posted on 28th July 2010, by Salvation Army
So many of us have attended some kind of summer camp. What kind of camps did you attend when you were younger? Do you have treasured memories? Friends that you keep in touch with? What was your favourite activity? Now’s your chance to remember the good ole’ days of summer and tell us your best  […]
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Nobody Wants to Be a Food Bank Client

Posted on 23rd July 2010, by Salvation Army
In an affluent society like ours, people don’t want to have to seek food assistance. For many Canadian’s experiencing difficulty, it’s humiliating and they only do it when they are absolutely desperate. They park their dignity—their pride—at the door to get food.
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Should Football (soccer) and Religion Mix?

Posted on 23rd June 2010, by Salvation Army
Recently, a football association official stopped England ace striker Wayne Rooney from talking about his faith at a recent press conference at the 2010 World Cup. Offering an insight into his Catholic faith, Rooney explained why he wears a prominent cross and rosary beads around his neck when he’s not playing. FIFAs rules actually forbid  […]
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Salvation Army World Cup Campaign Makes a Big Noise

Posted on 21st June 2010, by Salvation Army
While world audiences focus on a black-and-white football (soccer ball) in the FIFA World Cup, The Salvation Army in South Africa is handing out red cards against human trafficking. In the run up to the World Cup, The Salvation Army kick-started a campaign to help protect people in South Africa, a country that suffers a  […]
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Rising House Prices Force More Men to Seek Shelter

Posted on 27th May 2010, by Salvation Army
Rising housing prices have forced more men to seek shelter at The Salvation Army’s Waterston Centre in Regina. The Salvation Army Waterston Centre reaches out to people who face multiple barriers in a very difficult world. 

The Centre provides/offers residential support and counsel to marginalized, displaced, and distressed men through the options of temporary, transitional  […]
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Homeless Man is Internet Fashion Icon

Posted on 31st March 2010, by Salvation Army
A band of web followers call him the coolest man in China. “Brother Sharp,” they’ve dubbed him, is homeless. His eyes peer into the distance, he wrinkles his brow and appears mentally disturbed when approached on the street. He is handsome, strides with confidence, and wears a rag-tag, but well coordinated overcoat on top of  […]
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