From Prison to Peace

Posted on 17th January 2019, by
Mengsteab Abraha was arrested and imprisoned for praying with friends. Then he lived in a refugee camp where conditions were so deplorable he chooses not to discuss it. Yet, after horrible punishment and tremendous struggles, Abraha has found peace and new opportunities, thanks to The Salvation Army. “The Evangelical Church was outlawed in Eritrea by  […]

How The Salvation Army Supports the Homeless in Cold Weather

Posted on 10th January 2019, by
Salvation Army worker retrieves supplies from mobile feeding unit
Salvation Army cold weather programs across the country are ramping up for the 2019 winter season. When the temperatures plummet, we work hard to ensure no one spends the night in the cold. “The Salvation Army’s priority during cold weather is to ensure safety by connecting people with services, either emergency or within the community,”  […]

Salvation Army Parenting Program Empowers New Mom

Posted on 8th January 2019, by
Jessica and Niyko
At 18, Jessica learned she was pregnant and was nervous about everything. She had grown up without a mom’s love, nurturing and support, and didn’t know whether she would have the skills to be a good mother. The Salvation Army’s parenting programs in Ottawa helped her with advice, emotional support and ways of coping with  […]

New Year Brings New Life for Refugee Family

Posted on 1st January 2019, by
Both and family stand with some members of The Salvation Army's sponsorship team
In 2018, Both and his young family lived in rapidly deteriorating conditions in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. They were convinced they wouldn’t live another year. This year, and thanks to The Salvation Army (working with government resettlement efforts) in Ottawa. Both’s prayers for a better future are a reality. But his past is not  […]

How to Reduce Your Annual Tax Expenses While Helping Those in Need

Posted on 28th December 2018, by
Close-up Of A Businessperson's Hand Giving Cheque To Colleague At Workplace
As 2019 approaches, you can make an end-of-year donation by December 31 that will lessen your tax burden and help The Salvation Army improve the lives 1.7 million people who come to us for assistance each year. “Every year, more and more people are struggling to make ends meet and need our support,” says Lt-Colonel  […]

Salvation Army Kettle Campaign $5.3 Million Behind Goal

Posted on 20th December 2018, by
Salvation Army kettle worker
Toronto, ON December 20, 2018–With just five days remaining before Christmas, The Salvation Army is hoping for a strong outpouring of support from the public. As of December 20, The Salvation Army’s Kettle Campaign has raised $15.7 million in donations, which is $5.3 million behind its $21-million fundraising goal. “We rely heavily on our Kettle Campaign  […]

Volunteering Warms My Heart

Posted on 18th December 2018, by
A smiling Stu Bradley mans a Salvation Army kettle in Cochrane, AB
Stu Bradley, 82, is gearing up to volunteer at The Salvation Army’s Christmas kettle in Cochrane, Alta. He says the experience is rewarding, the response to the fundraising campaign is heart-warming, and shares his reflections on last year’s memories that helped to fill the kettle.   “After putting in a four-hour shift at a local  […]
Kettle volunteer at Walmart
TORONTO, Dec. 14, 2018 /CNW/ – On Saturday, December 15, Walmart Canada will match donations made by individuals to Salvation Army Christmas kettles located in its stores nationwide up to a maximum of $100,000. With one in seven Canadians struggling to make ends meet, The Salvation Army relies on this fundraising campaign to help feed,  […]