A Plan to Help the Homeless

by Salvation Army
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salvationarmy_homelessWould a small wage for homeless people get them off the streets, educated and self-sufficient?

A recent article in Regina’s Leader-Post suggests the main reason for homelessness is that governments cannot give out more money. After governments support low-income families through various programs there is little money left to support the homeless, who are also in need.

It was suggested that two to three times a year governments could have people hand out forms in parks and shelters to people interested in getting these wages. Information would be given to local organizations like The Salvation Army and once a month homeless people could get their money.

In May 2009 The Salvation Army released a report with findings from a national study on homelessness in Canada. The report was based on information from surveys of hundreds of homeless men living in Salvation Army shelter care between 2007 and 2008. Findings showed that nearly 30% of homeless men were employed and nearly two-thirds received money from some source of welfare or a job, yet many still found themselves within the shelter care system.

The report concluded that a national housing strategy, which includes social services like job training, health care and counselling, must be prioritized by federal officials in order to end the cycle of poverty.