A Better Future for Families in Costa Rica

children sharing snacks
by The Salvation Army in Canada

Karol and her two young children are among hundreds of thousands of Costa Ricans trapped in a destructive cycle of poverty that devastates generation after generation of families. Karol also struggles with leukemia, and has found it difficult to manage working and her health challenges, while also adequately caring for her children. She desperately needed help.

Almost 336,000 Costa Rican families live below the poverty line. Determined to help struggling families, The Salvation Army established a daycare centre in Santa Cruz that is making a real difference in the lives of at-risk children like Karol’s.

Karol’s children participate in important educational and recreational activities, and benefit from spiritual guidance and nutritious meals. The centre is a critical resource for families like hers because it enables parents to work extra hours, study and look for employment while knowing their children are safe and protected.

“This centre welcomed us with open arms when we needed it most,” Karol says. “Thanks to this centre, I have more time to work and also attend all my appointments, knowing my children are eating well and are safe throughout the day. It’s a second home for them.”

Thanks to the daycare centre, at-risk families in Santa Cruz have a real chance to escape poverty and create a stable and secure future. They are genuinely grateful for donors like you who are helping to transform their lives.