5 Ways to Support The Salvation Army Online this Christmas

by Salvation Army
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The Salvation Army has a lot of online initiatives that we’re excited about this Christmas season! Every year we do are best to develop new and innovative ways to create two-way engagment with our online friends and donors. So without further delay, here are 5 Ways to Support The Salvation Army Online this Christmas:

1. Start an iKettle

For three years now we’ve given you the ability to start your own online Christmas Kettle, what we call iKettles. This is a great way to fund-raise for the The Salvation Army online by sending your iKettle link to family and friends. Visit iKettle.ca to start your own iKettle!

2. Text HOPE to 45678

Donors can text HOPE to 45678 from most Canadian carriers to contribute $5 to The Salvation Army. This is a quick and easy way to support The Salvation Army. Think of your cell phone as a little portable Kettle on-the-go. For more information visit SalvationArmy.ca/textdonations.

3. Visit FilltheKettle.com

We’re really excited about this project! We’ve utilized the power of Google Maps and mapped out nearly 2000 Christmas Kettle locations across Canada! The best part is that you can donate online to each and every Kettle represented on the map. Check it out at FilltheKettle.com

4. Share Kettle Locations on Facebook Places

Recently added to Facebook.com is the location sharing application Places. Facebook Places easily allows you to share where you are, what you’re doing and the friends you’re with right from your smart phone. How does this relate to The Salvation Army? Well we’re encouraging Facebook users to create the Kettle locations they happen upon in Facebook places. From there they can ‘check in’ to the Kettles and share it with their Facebook friends. To learn more, check out the video at the bottom of FilltheKettle.com.

5. Use the Hashtag #fillthekettle on Twitter

This year we’re asking Twitter users to use the hashtag #fillthekettle when Tweeting about the Christmas Kettles. This is a great way to share your own 140 character Christmas Kettle story. You can see the hashtag in action by visiting this link!