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The Salvation Army offers a wide-range of programs and services across the Atlantic Division to support struggling people in their time of need.

The Salvation Army’s dedication to providing social services began with its founder, William Booth. Reaching out to those living in the slums of East London in 1865, he saw the need to do more for those who were just struggling to survive and his ‘soup, soap, and salvation’ idea took hold. He understood the need for everyone to have the basic necessities of life, and today his philosophy continues. The Salvation Army works in 128 countries offering practical services to help those in need, from job training and hot meals, to addictions recovery programs and emergency shelter.

Food & Community Assistance

The Salvation Army offers food bank assistance and food vouchers at many locations across the Atlantic Division. If you are in need of additional services, including shelter or clothing, or another service we provide, please contact your local Salvation Army. They may be able to assist. To find their contact information, choose your location below.

Christmas Assistance

The Salvation Army Maritime Division provides Christmas assistance for children and families in need. This includes toys for children and food support.

Emergency Response Services (EDS)

Since each disaster is unique and devastating in the way it impacts the lives of individuals and communities, The Salvation Army’s emergency and disaster response is community based, varying from place to place upon the community’s situation and the magnitude of the incident.

The Salvation Army has the ability to provide both immediate emergency assistance and long-term recovery help. Emergency response services are activated on short notice according to an agreed upon notification procedure, while long term recovery is strategically planned in response to the situation, through working and partnering with many other community entities.


Salvationists are people just like you, with personal interests, friends, family and a job. They also have a spiritual centre: their community church. Churches provide a special place to speak with God and learn more about Jesus’ teachings. They are welcoming communities where problems are solved and challenges overcome with loving support.

Join us for the opportunity to pray, serve others and enrich your personal life.

Thrift Store

By operating successful Thrift Stores and integrating with the mission and work of The Salvation Army as a whole, we exist to be a functioning and thriving modern day model of William Booth’s conceived “Household Salvage Brigade” through which the marginalized and excluded of society will be refreshed and regenerated by way of meeting their practical needs.

Nova Scotia

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