Salvation Army Launches 2013/2014 Annual Review

Hope happens every day at The Salvation Army. A warm bed for someone out in the cold. A bag of nutritious food for a hungry family. Counselling to help someone break the chains of addiction.


Last year, The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda helped more than 1.8 million people rebuild broken homes and lives. That’s one person every 20 seconds.


As the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country, The Salvation Army assists people with over 50 different programs and services provided from coast to coast.


As you read this year’s annual review you will find that the Army is a safe haven for the homeless, encouragement for people battling mental-health and developmental issues, strength for new parents, comfort for the hungry, and more.


Also included in the review are facts and figures that reflect the ongoing demand for Salvation Army services, and our financial reports that affirm our commitment to transparency and accountability.


The needs this year were, and remain, numerous and wide-ranging. The Salvation Army’s programs and services meet people right where they are, providing practical and relevant help, empowering them to overcome their specific challenges.


The critical work of The Salvation Army in restoring hope and dignity to men, women and children would not be possible without the help and support of our volunteers and generous donors. Together we can better understand and meet needs, ensuring that all vulnerable people have a chance to make their lives a little better.


When you donate to The Salvation Army you are investing in the lives of marginalized and overlooked people in your community.


A Message From Our Territorial Commander

Susan McMillan

Dear friends:

No one wants to line up at a food bank or sleep in a shelter. But despite living in a developed and wealthy country, one in 11 Canadians still struggles to access basic human necessities.


At The Salvation Army, we believe it doesn’t have to be this way—ending poverty is worth fighting for.


For over 130 years, The Salvation Army has provided support to the most marginalized and vulnerable people in Canada. Last year, we helped over 1.8 million people.  That’s 5,000 people every day.


As the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in the country, The Salvation Army provides practical assistance for children and families, shelter for homeless people and rehabilitation for people who have lost control of their lives to an addiction. Whatever the challenge, we’re committed to helping people rebuild their lives and discover hope and transformation.


As you read the stories in this report you will meet people who doubted their abilities and felt depressed, hopeless, lonely and forgotten. Today, with help from The Salvation Army, they are confident, hopeful and happy.


We’re grateful to our generous donors, enthusiastic volunteers and faithful employees for their continued support that enables us to promote the dignity of all Canadians.


God bless you,


Susan McMillan Signature

Susan McMillan


Territorial Commander


A Message From Our National Advisory Board Chair

Andrew B. LennoxDear friends:

Even though we live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world, many families and individuals continue to be in desperate need for help.


The Salvation Army has provided care and assistance to vulnerable Canadians for more than 130 years. As the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services, The Salvation Army in Canada serves 1.8 million people every year.

  • For individuals and families affected by poverty, homelessness and unemployment, The Salvation Army is there.
  • For newcomers to Canada, The Salvation Army is there.
  • For those who have been impacted by natural disasters and addiction, The Salvation Army is there

The Salvation Army works tirelessly to help people, no matter their situation or background, get back on their feet. Their programs and services remain critical to the healing and empowerment of marginalized and overlooked people in our communities. Giving our most vulnerable citizens hope and dignity makes an enormous difference in transforming lives.


The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board members are a dedicated group of business leaders and philanthropic supporters who provide strategic guidance on the organization’s national operations and services. I am grateful for their commitment, energy and help.


Andrew B. Lennox Signature

Andrew B. Lennox
National Advisory Board