Annual Review 2012-2013


As the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services in Canada, The Salvation Army is driven by our desire to extend compassion and generosity to anyone who needs it.

In our 2012-2013 Annual Review, you will find stories that reflect the extent of our impact on communities and families. Stories such as Tanya, a single mom of twins who is finding ways to cope with the responsibilities she has to bear on her own, and Kathleen, a survivor of the Alberta floods who continues to rebuild.

This year, demand for our services has remained strong and statistics reflect this in the number of people seeking our assistance. While helping people with immediate needs is important, we also support people in addressing underlying issues that have created the crisis.

The Salvation Army believes that financial accountability and transparency are essential to our success. Our financial statements demonstrate the care we show in utilizing the gifts donors entrust to us. We ensure the maximum possible return on investment, which enables us to provide the best possible programs and services to the people we serve.

Thank you for your support. You have proven once again that Canadians care for each other. The Salvation Army is grateful that you have chosen to be part of our family.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the 2012/13 Annual Review.

A Message From Our Territorial Commander

Dear friends:

For more than 130 years, The Salvation Army has had the privilege of serving vulnerable people in communities across Canada. Last year, we helped over 1.8 million people.

The Salvation Army not only provides the necessities of life such as food, clothing and shelter, but our programs address needs such as language barriers, loneliness, unemployment and family challenges. Our services continually adapt to meet emerging needs.

The Salvation Army is driven by our desire to extend compassion and generosity to anyone who needs it. We help one person at a time, believing that each person is infinitely valuable and equally worthy.

Our continued success stems from the dedication and support of our donors and volunteers. As a result of your generosity, people are reclaiming dignity, healing and wellness.

Thank you for being part of our circles of support.

May God bless you,

Brian Peddle
Territorial Commander

A Message From Our National Advisory Board Chair

Dear friends:

In May 2013, a report released by The Salvation Army revealed that many Canadian families continue to struggle to make ends meet, despite a rebounding economy.

The Army’s social and community service programs focus on nurturing the capacities, skills and strengths of individuals with the hope of leading them to a path of independence.

The Salvation Army is doing what it has done for more than 130 years, providing care and assistance to as many people as possible, even as the demand for our services continues to increase.

The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board is comprised of 13 members who support the Army with strategic guidance on its national operations and services. As chair, I offer my thanks to you for investing your time and resources with The Salvation Army.

Together we can work to ensure that vulnerable groups are not stigmatized by their circumstances and that everyone has access to adequate resources, services and opportunities.


Andrew B. Lennox
Senior Vice President

The Salvation Army National Advisory Board

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