Bringing Hope Where There is Hardship

As chair of The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board, I am grateful to work with a group of dedicated members motivated by the great work of the Army.

It is a great joy and privilege for our board to support the vision of The Salvation Army—to bring hope where there is hardship—but never more so than over the past couple of pandemic years when the impact of the Army has been so significant.

When the COVD-19 pandemic hit, The Salvation Army was honoured and privileged to support individuals and families across Canada and Bermuda who were overwhelmed and struggled. People needed a glimmer of hope, and that is where the Army stepped in. During the first two years of the pandemic, The Salvation Army distributed over $40 million in food and supplies and volunteers provided more than 1 million hours of service.

As I write to you, an exciting period of board renewal is underway, where we are celebrating the contributions of some long-time advisory board members whose terms are concluding, and welcoming new members and their fresh perspectives to the board. Led by our board nominating committee, we are being very intentional about the skills, experience and diverse perspectives desired in new members to compliment the strengths of existing members.

The National Advisory Board looks forward with great enthusiasm to the year ahead, as we continue to provide guidance and insights in relation to key strategies and areas for focus in the future.


Paul Koreen
National Advisory Board

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