Why Everyone Needs An Army

This has been a year like no other, and there is no denying that people in our communities still face difficulties and frightening realities. Before COVID-19, nearly 4.5 million Canadians couldn’t provide adequate food for themselves and their families. By June 2020, that number had grown by 39 percent, impacting one in seven people.

The Salvation Army is here to help anyone, any time, with open doors and open hearts. Last year, 2.1 million people were assisted by The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. While most of us have a strong network of family and friends who support us if we are ever in trouble, this is not the case for everyone. What happens to those who have no one in their corner? Motivated by our faith, The Salvation Army is present in the 400 communities in which we serve because everyone needs an army.

In 2020, The Salvation Army watched as the number of people needing our assistance in some locations skyrocketed to almost five times the amount over the previous year. The pandemic had heightened existing needs for people already experiencing hardship. This was a worrisome and unprecedented jump in people requiring assistance that we had not seen since the Second World War.

As demand for food and shelter surged, we were inspired by the incredible generosity of our donors, supporters, volunteers and stakeholders, whose care and compassion prevented our services from being interrupted and allowed us to help where it was needed most. For that, we are truly grateful.

In this report you will meet people who were strengthened by hope and learn about new programs and initiatives that provided healing and stability. Our services may have looked different, but our mission to help the vulnerable remained a priority.

The Salvation Army believes that everyone is worthy of being housed, fed, lifted and loved. No one needs to battle hardship on their own or be alone in their struggles. They have an entire army on their side.

May God bless you,


Floyd J. Tidd
Territorial Commander

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