Sharing God’s Love In Practical Ways

I have always had a strong awareness of The Salvation Army and its impact on the communities of our world. As chair of the National Advisory Board, it is my honour to serve with a group of diverse professionals who volunteer their skills, time and knowledge to advise and support the Army.

Twenty years ago, I became personally involved with The Salvation Army by directing a major capital fundraising campaign in Toronto. Above all, I continue to be inspired by the Army’s unmistakable orientation towards action. It is this relentless focus on positively impacting the lives of people in need across Canada, Bermuda and around the globe that I love most about the Army.

Last year, The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda launched Mobilize 2.0, a transformation program that included the creation of a new territorial vision statement.

We are an innovative partner,
mobilized to share hope wherever there is hardship,
building communities that are just and know the love of Jesus.

In 2020, as the National Advisory Board provided input and support to further the goals and objectives of The Salvation Army, we came to appreciate the organization’s need for an updated understanding of its strategy and areas of focus. Our work helped serve as a catalyst for the Mobilize 2.0 strategic planning process that is currently underway.

The Salvation Army is an organization inspired for mission and positioned for growth that engages in service that is both critical and life-changing. The National Advisory Board is motivated by the Army’s great work, and in partnership with pastors, staff and executive leadership, we help to identify key strategic goals and answer operational questions to ensure the Army has the greatest impact and highest capabilities in the communities in which they serve.

When I first began working with the Army, there was a phrase we used then that I think sums up the Army perfectly: “Sharing God’s love in practical ways.”

As chair of the National Advisory Board, I am committed to continuing along the path we are currently walking with The Salvation Army to ensure a meaningful and transformational experience for those we serve. Everyone who turns to The Salvation Army in times of trouble needs to know there can be a better tomorrow and that they have an entire army on their side.


Paul Koreen
National Advisory Board

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