Yellowknife Coldest Night Fundraiser Raised Over $21,000

Posted on 4th March 2016, by Alberta
Coldest Night of the YEar Fundraiser in Yellowknife
The Coldest Night of the Year walking fundraiser in Yellowknife raised over $21,000 toward renovating the kitchen at the Men’s Emergency Shelter. “This is the third year that we were part of The Coldest Night of the Year event that happens in communities across Canada,” said Lt. Dusty Sauder, Executive Director of the NWT Resource Centre.  […]

Community Comes Together For Family Day Meal In Peace River

Posted on 17th February 2016, by Alberta
Family Day community meal and volunteer appreciation event.
The Salvation Army Peace River Community Church brought together over 160 volunteers, clients, staff, and members of the community on Family Day for their annual Volunteer Appreciation and Community Meal. “It is so humbling bringing the whole community together and having a whole mix of people sit and talk together,” Lieutenant Peck Ee Wong said.  […]

Giving Thanks

Posted on 15th October 2015, by Alberta
Salvation Army centres across the Alberta & Northern Territories Division served traditional Thanksgiving dinners to residents, clients, and guests this weekend with the help of volunteers and staff. Dinners were held in Red Deer, Yellowknife, Peace River, the Addictions and Residential Centre in Edmonton, and the Agape Hospice, Centre of Hope, Women’s residence, and Barbara  […]

Soup is Just the Beginning at Edmonton’s ARC

Posted on 29th September 2015, by Alberta
“How are you today? Welcome to The Salvation Army!” Chaplain Peter Mitchell’s voice rings loud over the din in the small dining room at The Salvation Army Addictions and Residential Centre (ARC) in Edmonton. Peter welcomes each person in line at the weekly free soup lunch, aiming to make a connection with each one. Many  […]

A Day at Pine Lake Camp

Posted on 4th August 2015, by Alberta
Pine Lake Camp, wall climbers
It's 7:45 am, rise and shine campers! Okay, so those of us on the PR team were not at Pine Lake Camp that early but we did arrive just as bible study was finishing up and “options” was starting. Options happens twice a day as the kids are divided into groups to participate in climbing, low  […]

Merry Christmas to All in Fort McMurray

Posted on 24th July 2015, by Alberta
Santa hats, Christmas trees, and holiday decorations in July? The Salvation Army of Fort McMurray kicked off a unique week of fundraising and public awareness with Melissa Blake, Mayor of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, officially proclaiming July 13-19, 2015 “Christmas in July.” Events throughout the week included barbecues, a lunch and bake sale,  […]

Meeting Basic Needs With Food Programs

Posted on 7th April 2015, by Alberta
Offering food programs has been part of The Salvation Army’s services since it was founded in London, England in 1865 by William Booth, who established the Army with his belief in Soup, Soap, and Salvation. He believed that by meeting people’s basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter, only then would people be able to  […]