The Salvation Army COVID-19 Response

Help fight the spread of COVID – 19. This page has been set up with helpful links, of where to register for vaccinations, tips, and resources to help

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Provincial and Territories Public Health Authorities
Alberta 811
Northwest Territories 911
Yukon 811

Health Canada Updates
Let’s protect each other from COVID-19

Spiritual and Religious Care Tips for Chaplains
Download Care Tips
Source: Territorial Program Department

Frequently Asked Questions: Housing & Homelessness Services and COVID-19
Download FAQs
Source: Territorial Program Department

Frequently Asked Questions: Community and Family Services and COVID-19
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Source: Territorial Program Department

Anxiety Resources for Parents
Free downloadable PDF resources: How-to documents for parents and How-to documents for self-help
Source: Anxiety Canada

Know the Facts about COVID-19:
Coronavirus factsheet (English, Chinese, Farsi, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Tamil)

Be prepared factsheet (English, Italian, Farsi)
COVID-19 is an illness caused by a coronavirus. Human coronaviruses are common and are typically associated with mild illnesses, similar to the common cold.

COVID-19 IHQ Strategic Response and Other Resources
Download IHQ Update and Strategic Approach
COVID-19 Checklist Poster
COVID-19 Health Advice Poster

Source: IHQ Programme Resources


June 1: Salvation Army in Moose Jaw Fills in the Gap to Feed the Hungry

May 29: My Coronavirus Story: Lieut-Colonels Seth and Janet Appeateng

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May 21: The Power of Partnerships

May 20: My Coronavirus Story: Lieutenant Julia Krasova, St Petersburg, Russia

May 19: The Salvation Army’s COVID-19 Response Extends to 100+ Countries

May 15: Salvation Army COVID-19 Responses Flex to Changing Conditions

May 14: Salvation Army Serves Soup, Compassion, and Hope in Thunder Bay

May 12: Former Food Bank Clients Feed the Homeless Staying in Motel

May 8: Sydney Drive-Up Food Bank Safely Meets Community Needs

May 7: Education Continues as Salvation Army Schools Find Creative Solutions to COVID-19 Restrictions

May 6: Providing Hope to Those Most Vulnerable (watch)

May 4: Salvation Army Reminds Canadians to be Emergency Prepared

May 1: Double Your Impact to Help Canadians Affected by COVID-19

April 30: Former Addict Gives Back to Help Hungry People During COVID-19

April 28: COVID-19 International Response Group Provides Worldwide Support in Fight Against Coronavirus

April 27: Salvation Army Opens Child Care to Support Essential Workers

April 24: Business as Usual: Compassionate Care in the Midst of COVID-19

April 24: Report to House of Commons Regarding the Impact of COVID-19 on Those Experiencing Homelessness

April 23: Coronavirus Pandemic: The Salvation Army’s ‘newest’ Countries Join the Fight Against COVID-19

April 23: News Feature: International Support and Local Knowledge Combine to Save Lives in Burkina Faso

April 22: Coronavirus Pandemic: The Salvation Army ‘There For Those Who Have No On To Turn To’

April 16: Salvation Army in Fredericton Delivers Food to Doorsteps

April 15: General Calls for “Tsunami of Prayer” on Sunday, April 19 to Combat Worldwide Effects of COVID-19

April 14: Salvation Army Hospitals and Clinics Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic

April 14: After Schools Close, Salvation Army Continues to Feed Hungry Children

April 13: Lethbridge Salvation Army Serves up a Full Turkey Dinner for the Vulnerable in Isolation

April 11: Coronavirus: Edmontonians Asked to Stop Dropping Off Donations at Goodwill, Salvation Army

April 11: Salvation Army Brings Help for Today and Hope for Tomorrow

April 8: Video Conferencing Connects Families with Loved Ones in Long-term Care

April 7: Salvation Army Feeds Truckers Who Keep Supplies Flowing

April 6: Salvation Army in Williams Lake Provides Mobilized Lunch Program During COVID-19

April 3: Prime Minister Announces Support for Food Banks and local Food Organizations

April 2: Why One University Student Stepped up to Volunteer During COVID-19

April 1: Coronavirus Pandemic: Focus on Africa and Middle East

March 31: Salvation Army Feeds Truckers Who Keep Supplies Flowing

March 30: Coronavirus Pandemic: Focus on Asia and Australasia

March 27: Salvation Army Assists with Two Pop-up Shelters in Downtown Halifax

March 26: Coronavirus Pandemic: Focus on Americas and Caribbean

March 25: Salvation Army Offers Input on Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

March 24: Coronavirus Pandemic: Focus on Europe

March 23: Meighan Health Centre Safeguards Against COVID-19 (watch)

March 20: Coronavirus Pandemic: Salvation Army Steps Up Worldwide Response

March 20: The Salvation Army: Mobilized for National Emergency Response Readiness (watch)

March 20: General Brian Peddle Updates Salvationists and Friends on COVID-19 (watch)

March 18: Salvation Army Ramps up Efforts to Help Combat Coronavirus

March 17: The Salvation Army’s Shelter Services and COVID-19

March 17: Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs

March 16: Salvation Army National Leader Responds to Coronavirus Pandemic

March 14: Salvation Army Addresses Coronavirus Pandemic