Team Edmonton prepares food at EDS Cookoff
Emergency Disaster Service (EDS) teams across Alberta came together at The Salvation Army’s Pine Lake Camp from April 28 to 30 for the EDS Training Weekend. The event marked the first time all the province’s units were in the same place at the same time. There were a lot of smiling faces and laughs shared  […]
Warming Centre staff, making sure hot food is available for anyone in need.
For many of Calgary’s most vulnerable, Alberta winters aren’t just a chilly inconvenience – they’re part of a life-threatening battle faced every day. To help as many individuals as possible avoid frostbite and hypothermia, The Salvation Army has a team setting up warming stations around the city. “We’ve been told by people, ‘I knew what  […]
Walking along the hallway in Edmonton’s Braemar School, there are some marked differences from the typical high school. As Salvation Army volunteers walk to the cafeteria every Tuesday, baby strollers are parked here and there along the wall and there’s a room full of maternity and baby clothes, because Braemar is a bit different. This  […]
This World Humanitarian Day, on August 19th, shined a light on our donors, our residents, and staff at The Salvation Army Edmonton Center of Hope. Dickson Obasuyi, a former resident, chose to give back by taking portraits for our residents in the Transitional Housing program. City Councilor Jennifer Rice also stopped by to mark the  […]
Recently, The Salvation Army’s Edmonton Centre of Hope (ECOH) celebrated their first Community Kitchen graduating class, a new program aiming to empower participants to thrive in recovery with nutrition education. Five people completed the 12-week cooking and skills program through a partnership between ECOH’s Cornerstone Residence and Edmonton Temple, where the commercial kitchen is located.  […]
Major Carolyn Hale and Sarah from Castledowns Salvation Army in Edmonton
Every Monday for the past two months, Major Carolyn Hale notices a line of people out her office window at The Salvation Army Castledowns Church in Edmonton. A popular new program, Produce Pantry, opens at 1 p.m. but the line usually starts by 10 a.m. In the church gym, tables are laid out full of  […]