Doughnut Day events celebrate the “Doughnut Lassies” from WWI

Doughnut day past and present
by Alberta

On Friday, June 3, The Salvation Army celebrated National Doughnut Day at various events across the Division. In Edmonton, we partnered with Destination Doughnuts at their shop for the morning, and in the afternoon delivered doughnuts to City Hall, Police Service Headquarters, and Edmonton Fire Station #1. Destination Doughnuts created a special doughnut for our deliveries – 20 dozen!

National Doughnut Day began in Chicago back in 1938 to honor the Salvation Army “Doughnut Lassies” who made doughnuts for the soldiers on the front lines in WWI. It was a great opportunity and experience to share our story with so many people.

“Salvation Army volunteers were sent to France in 1917, where they set up canteens and social centers that served doughnuts,” explained Major Jamie Locke, Divisional Secretary for Public Relations. “National Doughnut Day was set to remember and honor them. Today, the tradition continues as we serve these sweet treats to our frontline workers.”

In the afternoon, Major Jamie Locke, and Emergency Disaster Services Director, Major Ben Lippers, made the doughnut deliveries and took some photos with Councillor Jennifer Rice at City Hall, Sgt. Jennifer Hanzel of the Edmonton Police Service, and Fire Chief Joe Zatylny, where they expressed our thanks for their hard work and dedication on the front lines, serving others.

Other units around our Division also participated in the celebration, with some Edmonton Centre of Hope staff donning some old Salvation Army uniforms; Castledowns Church and Crossroads Church in Edmonton serving donuts to families in their communities; Fort McMurray partnering with Tim Hortons to deliver doughnuts to front line workers; and Lloydminster Corps serving free coffee and doughnuts outside their city hall.

For people who are interested in making their own doughnuts at home, follow our simple recipe at, and remember to share your delicious creations with us on social media. Happy baking!