After being helped by The Salvation Army as a child, Lawrence gives back by volunteering today

Volunteer week - April 2021
by Alberta

Volunteer, Lawrence MomanBorn in British Columbia, Lawrence Moman grew up with his mom, dad, brother, and sister. At a young age, his family home in Terrace was destroyed by an oil heater fire. The house went up quickly and they lost everything, but he still remembers how The Salvation Army was there for his family that very night with clothing and supplies, and how his Mom talked about how great they were to them when this all happened.

“It all comes back to helping where I can,” said Moman. “I do what I can for those who can’t do it.”

At the age of 63, Moman and his wife Edna currently live in the city of Fort McMurray. He has been volunteering for nearly 40 years. Edna has worked for non-profit organizations throughout her career and is currently the Executive Director for The Salvation Army in Fort McMurray. His connection to non-profit organizations allows him to put himself where he is needed the most.

“I try helping people when they’re in need,” explains Moman. “During the floods, I went out with my trailer and loaded up garbage.”

His commitment to the community is what drives his passion for volunteering. He helps with janitorial work, fundraising, Thrift stores, Christmas Kettles, and BBQs.

One winter season, Moman had mention to his co-worker that he had been collecting winter jackets to help individuals prepare for the early winter storms. They both decided that they would collect the left-over winter jacket and vests from the clothing department at their work, with the permission from their employer, to The Salvation Army. His boss added 350 pairs of new gloves to the 80 jackets already collected, and another co-worker helped deliver the donations to The Salvation Army’s Thrift store in town.

“Interacting with people is such a good and healthy thing that volunteering does,” said Moman. “It gives a such a piece of your soul and your heart.”

Volunteering for The Salvation Army is easy for Moman, who believes the organization really cares about the people they are helping. The connection they have with the community of Fort McMurray is one of compassion and empathy.

“Watching the love that is given to those hurting, and/or are afraid, can only touch you to your soul,” said Moman.

The one thing that Moman takes away from volunteering is the smile on people’s faces when they are being helped.

“At the end of the day, you help somebody and hopefully their day is better than yesterday,” said Moman.