High River Salvation Army Sees Community Rally During COVID-19 Pandemic

High RIver Salvation Army food drive
by Alberta

This past April, a COVID-19 outbreak affected 1500 people causing 3 deaths in High River. This was one of the largest outbreaks from a single location in North America and led to an increased number of households needing food bank services. As a result, many donations have come in to The Salvation Army for this community.

“High River just seems to rally behind The Salvation Army in support,” Salvation Army Corps Officer, Lieutenant Chad Cole said. Since March, approximately $72,000 in monetary donations was made to The Salvation Army thanks to The High River & District Health Care Foundation, Cargill, TELUS, and Sobeys.

The donations received have been used to purchase groceries to meet immediate needs of the community, shelter programs, and fighting homelessness.

“It’s times like pandemics that bring people close together because we realize that the coronavirus doesn’t know where you come from or how much money you make,” said Cole. “It’s great to see people in our community rally with one another and try to support those that are affected.”

As we all adjust to the new normal, the average number of those needing food banks has increased. In the past, The Salvation Army’s food bank in High River, the only one in town, normally feeds an average of 107 households each month, but at the beginning of May, 146 households accessed it in a single week – with 80% saying it was COVID-19 related.

Lieutenant Cole also notes that community support like Sun Country 99.7 FM and High River Online is greatly appreciated as the advertising space they have donated to The Salvation Army has helped raise awareness of their programs throughout the community.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and helped The Salvation Army Give Hope Today. Join us at Sobeys on July 30th for another Food Mountain food drive event in support of The Salvation Army.