Lloydminster Salvation Army Continues Serving their Community Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lloydminster Kid's Kits
by Alberta

The Salvation Army in Lloydminster has been altering their programs to better help their community through the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges have led to changes to current programs, but it’s also caused the cancellation of a few others.

“The pandemic has affected us like all places,” Community Ministries Officer, Major Bond Jennings said. “Normally we would run a Red Cap program, Baby Song, and a Café and Craft women’s group through our Community and Family Services department but because of government safety regulations we can no longer provide these programs.”

They have adjusted their Food Bank services in several ways to protect clients and staff by making food hamper pick-up available by appointment only, hampers are now brought curbside, and items are stored in a separate space for quarantine. The traffic into the building has also been limited to ensure the safety of clients and staff.

In partnership with local schools, the Kid’s Kit program gives 121 children with food security issues food hampers every Friday that include food, snacks, and fresh fruit.

“The teachers have recognized that some children may be going home on the weekend and not having anything to eat because of different circumstances in their home life, parents working, or other reasons,” says Jennings.  “Currently with schools closed, teachers are now picking up the Kid’s Kits from us and delivering them to the families in need.”

A similar food hamper program is the Senior’s Kits. Seniors can come weekly to pick up a bag of groceries, and then once a month they are given a regular hamper containing two to three bags of groceries, including bags of flour, rice, and sugar.

“We also want to mention the overwhelming support we have received from our community,” Jennings said. “Both individuals and businesses have supported us in generous ways.”

Major Bond and his team are in the process of trying to get two items that would help for years to come; a new chest freezer and stand up cooler. Both will help an enormous amount with storing donations of frozen foods and keeping up with the generosity of the Lloydminster community.

If you can help The Salvation Army in Lloydminster with those item donations, please call them directly at 780-875-9166.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of The Salvation Army.