Salvation Army raises $29,000 at Coldest Night of the Year fundraisers

Staff and walkers at the Clagary(South) Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser
by Alberta
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On the night of February 22, The Salvation Army in Calgary and Yellowknife sought to fight hunger and homelessness at the annual Coldest Night of the Year walk-a-thons. Teams, volunteers, and donors fundraised, enjoyed hot drinks and warm smiles throughout the night, raising a combined total of $29,000 between the two cities — with five Calgary thrift store locations raising $5000 alone!

The evening lived up to its name in Yellowknife as they saw a drop in temperature to -26 degrees, but Calgary walkers lucked out with temperatures of -6. Calgary’s event saw 74 walkers — 16 teams and 27 volunteers, and even with the frigid temperatures, Yellowknife’s event still had 25 walkers to make up 7 teams with 3 volunteers for the event.

The funds raised for Calgary will go towards their community laundromat at the Centre of Hope by replacing washer and dryers, adding new paint, and repairing existing equipment, while Yellowknife will be using the money raised to upgrade their security camera system to increase safety for staff and residents at The Salvation Army Resource Centre.

The Salvation Army runs shelters all year round to help those experiencing chronic homelessness. Programs such as bridge housing helps those look for permanent housing with options of participating in our social services programs that help develop life skills.

Thank you to all of those who donated their time and money to this event. We hope to see you out there again on February 20, 2021!