The Red Deer Senior’s Lunch is Amazing! Shhhh!

A long time patron of the Red Deer Senior's Lunch.
by robin124

We probably shouldn’t be writing this – in fact, most of the seniors we talked to would rather this not be published but, The Salvation Army Senior’s lunch in Red Deer is amazing! Shhhhh!!

“The lunches are very popular, and they are always full with a waiting list for more to get in,” said Major Larry Bridger, Corps Officer (as well as Head Chef and Bottle Washer!). “We charge only $5 a person to keep the cost low for our seniors.”

One senior remarked that, this is the only place in town he and his wife can go out for a full course dinner for pocket change, with another guest adding he doesn’t know “how they do it all for $5.”

The lunches are held every Friday, with about 90 seniors attending every week. They are treated to a fantastic meal, and either a guest speaker or performance from a local band. Seniors reserve their spots on a first come, first serve basis with space filling up very quickly. Those who don’t book in time get put on a waiting list.

“It’s become a highlight for me. We all look forward to it. I always call right away to make sure I get on the list,” said Bea, a long-time patron of the lunches (pictured above).

Many seniors like Bea have found out about the lunch through word-of-mouth and other senior’s groups in Red Deer, like the Golden Circle. If it wasn’t for the senior’s lunch, many of the seniors admit that they would just stay home. With isolation being a real problem with seniors, events like this are very important for their well-being.

The common consensus among the seniors is they come for the opportunity for fellowship, the great food, and the chance to meet new people. Bea stated that they also used to wear name tags when the lunches first started, but now they know each other so well they don’t have to anymore.

By the way, if you do get a spot for lunch, don’t mention that you heard it here – we’re hoping to be invited back again one day soon…

The Red Deer Senior's Lunch team.

The amazing staff at Red Deer Salvation Army