Free Tax Program Brings Relief For Low-Income Earners

CFS Tax Prep volunteer
by Alberta

Reg Kontz does not dread tax season as many do, he looks forward to it because it is his opportunity to give back to the community. Since retiring three years ago, Reg has been a volunteer with The Salvation Army’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program in Edmonton where he assists with preparing tax returns and ensuring that individuals and families get all the tax credits available to them. The program is offered in association with the Canada Revenue Agency and is free for users. In 2015, 35 volunteers helped 3,146 people file their tax returns.

For many Canadians, filing taxes is a mild annoyance, but for new immigrants, young families, and people with low-incomes, filing taxes can be a daunting and expensive challenge; often times, tax refunds equal the cost of using a professional tax service.

“It was expensive,” says Nova, who previously used a professional accounting firm to file her taxes. Four years ago, she learned about the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program and she has been using it ever since. “The volunteers are very friendly, it’s well organized and I’ve never had a problem with my taxes,” she continues.

“This is a needed service,” says Cheryl Brown, The Salvation Army’s Edmonton Volunteer Coordinator. “They are so relieved and excited when they see the amount that they will get back that they start crying.”

For more information about the program or to volunteer, please call 780-424-9222.