Community Christmas Dinner More Than Just A Meal

by Alberta

Every December, The Salvation Army’s Addictions and Residential Centre (ARC) in Edmonton holds a free Christmas dinner open to anyone in the community. The number of people who attend varies each year depending on weather and economic situations, and this year, 354 people enjoyed a traditional Christmas turkey dinner, served by 35 volunteers.

The Salvation Army sees people from all walks of life come through their doors, and this dinner was no exception. The homeless, the working poor, families with children, the elderly, and individuals all made their way to the ARC’s dinner, and The Salvation Army made sure they left with a full stomach, and a pair of gloves or a toque.

This Christmas dinner is more than just a meal. It’s community for those without a family of their own. It’s warmth for those with no place to go. It’s love for those who feel unworthy. And it’s hope for those that have lost their way.