Operation Fruit Rescue Donates to Salvation Army

by Alberta

For many people on a tight budget, fresh produce is often too expensive and out of reach. On Friday, October 19th, Riverbend Gardens announced they had surplus vegetables to harvest, and Operation Fruit Rescue heard the call. It was a nice fall day for harvesting vegetables from the garden when Operation Fruit Rescue helped pick surplus vegetables for The Salvation Army’s food bank.

Operation Fruit Rescue is a group of volunteers that harvest city produce and redistribute it so it does not go to waste. With one call to Executive Director David Dickinson at The Salvation Army’s Community & Family Services, he was right in there helping harvest the food. Over a few hours, fresh potatoes, carrots, beets and cabbage were all picked for distribution through The Salvation Army’s food bank.

This example of partnering happens frequently in the community, and we don’t always hear these good news stories. Our grateful thanks go to Riverbend Gardens and Operation Fruit Rescue for their generosity. Thanks to this donation, this produce will grace the tables of people who need fresh food for their families.