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Behind The Shield

With You Behind The Shield, More Lives Will Be Changed!


Behind the Shield, you will have the opportunity to transform the lives of others as well as your own.
As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a lasting impact. For more than 100 years our volunteers have been the driving force behind the work of The Salvation Army in communities all over the world. Whether it’s by serving a meal, standing beside a Christmas kettle or stocking shelves at a food bank, you can be part of the meaningful work that continues to help change lives.

In times of despair everyone needs an army – that’s us. Standing proudly with us as a Behind the Shield volunteer, you will be part of a special group of people who believe that by being of service to others, you can find deep fulfillment in your own life.

By joining the Behind the Shield community, you are committing to the belief no one should be alone in times of crisis – and you are ready to be there, without judgment, for someone in need.

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Why Volunteer?

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Behind the Shield is more than just a name. It is a collective philosophy of what it means to volunteer with The Salvation Army.

Volunteering for The Salvation Army means you can make a difference — not just in the lives of others, but in your own life journey as well. This transformative experience begins by joining us Behind the Shield.

Behind the Shield is not only where compassionate volunteers serve, it is where people find community and connection; where a smiling face brings hope and kindness to those who feel lost or forgotten and where lives are transformed through being understanding and through being understood.